We have heard for a thousand times since childhood the famous line of Superman “great power comes great responsibility”

The Man of Steel has been an icon for strength and doing good for mankind. From being an ordinary journalist,he has transformed to a superhero when crisis arises.

If I have such power for a week, I can do a lot.

Day 1:

I will build strong bridges connecting Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. For most Filipinos who cannot afford airfare, travelling by land using those bridges would aide them to visit beautiful places all over the country. I am pretty sure that businesses and tourism will also benefit.

Day 2:

I will build buildings for public schools especially on far flung areas. This will save the government from huge manpower costs and students can use them the soonest.

Day 3:

I will build a huge wall all over the Philippine territory. It is like The Great Wall of China. With inept capability of our Navy and Coast Guard, setting walls will help them watch over our territory.

Day 4:

Metro Manila was too congested by too many vehicles but limited or narrow streets, so I will help in the road widening projects to fast track the constructions.

Day 5:

There are thousands of informal settlers in the country, especially in Metro Manila, I will build tenements and strong houses for their relocations.

Day 6:

I will visit war-torn countries to save children and elderly and bring them to safer place.

Day 7:

I will flew around the world. This is my chance to see the beautiful places in the world.

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