For many people, waiting can be very stressful! Some would have lost patience and leave, others would freak out leading to tensions and arguments. Waiting is a kind of inconvenience that can be prevented if only the system or the services are well-planned, focused and sincere customer-oriented.

See how a couple on the other table got bored on waiting in a restaurant in Quezon City. At least, they are just sitting while waiting but that can be somehow irritating especially if you’re already hungry and the food aren’t being served yet!


This photo was taken at a mall in Quezon City while people were waiting for their orders in a restaurant…
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And what if you’re one the people below trying to be patiently waiting in a long line to enter a mall while the security personnel are checking the bags of those who are entering? If you an appointment inside, I hope you’re not late!

ntrust-long line of people

This photo was taken at a mall in Quezon City while people were waiting for their turn to get inside after security check…
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During rush hour and when you’re very eager to go home, especially on this rainy season, but the public utility vehicles routing to your place doesn’t arrive yet for an hour now, that’s torture and punishment for many! I am sure you pray that you can fly home like superman!

ntrust-bus stop

This photo was taken at NIA-Edsa while passengers were waiting for their buses to ride on…
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Sometimes, it can be annoying, when teachers haven’t released their students yet even it’s already late.

ntrust- waiting parents

This photo was taken in an elementary school in Caloocan City while parents and guardians were waiting for children to come out from their classes…
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And what could be worst than waiting on a heavy traffic in EDSA?? It feels like driving with no end! This could really make your gasoline tank and vehicle cry with you!


This photo was taken at the bridge of MRT station in Quezon City with an overview of how heavy the traffic in Edsa at 2 o’clock in the afternoon…
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Waiting in long line-ups, like it is FOREVER, is very unproductive. What can you possibly loose?

Good Health – remember how stressful you can be on waiting in long line-ups. STRESS is not healthy for our heart and mind.


Love Life – not all situation can be like this but there are relationships that was ended because of long waiting. Too sad.


Family Bonding – two hours of waiting in a long line instead can make your little kids happy by bringing them to playground and teaching them new lessons.


Opportunities – definitely, potential employer or business partner cannot wait for you because you’re the one in need. Sometimes, if you’re late, you’re out!

business team work - girl leading

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