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Happy Plus Card: Cashless Payment With Rewards But..

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. The article is 100% my own opinion based on experience.

happy plusWe used to pay our orders at fast food chains with cash. It is more convenient and you can only buy something depending how much cash left on your pocket.

But after paying, nothing is saved, right? No rewards at all.

Then after visiting one of my favorite fast food chain in Metro Manila, I became curious about the Happy Plus card. So, I bought a card for P100 then loaded it with P400.

The card is valid in any branches the participating stores like Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon and Mang Inasal.

I have realized that using a card is practical though it is still not a perfect system.


1. For every P50 food purchase, you can earn one Happy point. One Happy point is equal to one (1) peso.

2. If registered online, you can have the chance to win up to P100,000 every month on their raffle.

3. Cashless. Exact amount will be deducted on your card.

4. Save it. Your load will not expire (even the card expired but needs to renew it to use the remaining balance). It is like saving in case you need to treat your kids or friends.


1. In order to earn points, reload your card. I find it a little bit awkward to pay in the cashier for the load then order food and pay using now your re-loaded Happy Plus card.

2. If you want to take your chances in the raffle, don’t forget to register your card online! So, those who did not know or no access to internet, sorry, your card will not be eligible to the raffle. The raffle entries are costly huh?

P100 = 1 raffle entry

P300 = 5 raffle entries

P500 = 10 raffle entries

P1000 = 25 raffle entries

3. Every two years card renewal fee (P100) is a little burden to consumers.

4. Don’t lose your card or else, you need to pay for the new card. If you’re not registered, it may be hard to retrieve/transfer your load from the lost card.

Oh well, I think the said food chain group is just exploring ways to rake more profits from their loyal consumers.


  1. i like it

    • I have the card, i reloaded Php 500 thinking I can give it to one of my kids and I’d with the card i’ll be assured that he/she will eat and not buy something else.
      1. i went to one of the establishments and tried using the card and it’s offline.
      2. The other time I tried using the card, they dont have the machine for the happy plus card.

      To date, I still haven’t used it to any of the establishments. Can they just list down establishments that honors the so-called “HAPPY PLUS CARD”? I am now very disappointed.

  2. how accurate is your happy plus card? i went to jollibee aduana this morning, while waiting for my turn (ill be next online)i inquire my balance to check how much left , the amount left is p613.00, i odered for pancake hotdog & peach mango pie amounting to p92.00, the crew ask me to tap the card then she says
    ‘nag error’ so she went to their manager to check whats wrong while she went their, i tried to check again the balance of my card (i didnt see declined when she ask me to tap the card) the amount were already deducted & my balance now is P521.00. the manager approach me and told me that the money were not deducted to my card i did told him that how come it didnt deducted my bal. b4 is 613 & now 521, his asking for my last transaction receipt i told him that i didnt keep any receipt. and now his saying his sorry i dont have proof that my balance is 613. i got really mad and told him to cancelled my order. sinayang lang nila ung pera ko,

    • Hi Doris,

      That was unfortunate! Actually, I always check my balance before ordering and I am asking the cashier to see it. It happened to me also kaya I learned my lesson. Yan nga ang mali sa system nila. Kapag nag-error, hindi lumalabas sa kanila pero nababawas na pala sa load ng card mo. Kaya aakalain nila, nagsisinungaling ang customer.

  3. sorsogon branch wala pa cila ng happyplus card..pano ko nman ito magagamit?

  4. I am really disappointed with the Happy Plus Card. Me and my children went to a Mall last Saturday and eat at Jollibee. A marketing staff approach me and offer the Happy Plus Card, i was interested and curious about it so i bought it for 100. When i went to Chowking near our office, i was sooo disappointed because the Happy Plus were not available on their store. Its waisting my time buying this card that you cant freely use. This should not be called as Happy Card coz what it cause to some customers are hassles and dissapointments.

  5. wala pa ako nito pero im. planning to get one. .. hhmmmppp pero parang nd ko trip ung magbabauad ka nga cash para lang i reload ung card then magbabayad ka with the use it. noot cool really. if you could possibly reload it using ur credit card online that wpuld be awesome

  6. dapat make sure ng manager na ok un mga machine ng happy plus haba ng pila pagdating sa unahan sira off line gya sa valenzuela magpapaload ka tpos wala n nmn pla..dapat balik nila kapag kinain un load ng customer kapag error nila

  7. i have happy plus card, i just bought it yesterday. im planning to put some load to it and give it to my friend as a gift pero baka di sya masatisfy kung ganto yung problems dito fix it please

  8. I bought my happy plus card and at the same time i loaded it for 100 in jollibee along santolan (opposite side of camp crame). I was able to registered it online but my 100 pesos load did not appear on it. Magandang “PAKULO” pero sana bigyan pansin lahat ng complaints.

  9. how to claim my erwards

  10. I registered my first 500 load, why is it that my raffle coupon is 4 raffle only, it should be 10 raffles, right?How can you help me receive the 6 raffles?

    I forgot the steps to register my 2nd load of 500, please let me know how so I would have the chance to win if I can get my 10 raffles for my second load worth 500.

  11. Ay, amu,.dai palan.. Kakabakal q lang kang happyplus card digdi manila, pag’mauli aq ubuson q na laman.. Pero may chowking and mang inasal naman jan, may tap machine kaya?..

  12. bakit laging offline ang mga machine nang happy plus card?nakakadissapoint to. pag tinanong mo naman mga managers walang alam, sana kausapin nyo kami nang maayos pag may oomplain kami about this. sayang ang pila nang mahaba pagdating sa counter offline. sayang sa oras to.

  13. I registered online, and I load my card several times, I think i already load it a total of 5,000 php because every time i load my card, i usually load 1,000 php but why I cannot see any raffle entry credited to my account? This raffle mechanics is just a joke?

  14. I think this Happy Card Plus is only available in Metro Manila ba? I wish it can be used nationwide na. I’m from Iloilo City.

  15. I lost my happyplus card but fortunately, I registered online.
    How will i transfer my load and points to my new card? Thank you

  16. I received a message on my cellphone from Happy Plus notifying me that I won a PH500 load from the February drawing, is this true or a hoax ?

    • Hi Fernando,

      If you used your mobile number to register with them, probably it’s true. You have to call them to verify. I have actually won twice of 1,000 from their raffle and claimed the cash in their office in Mandaluyong City.

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