10 Fun Things To Do At The Beach (With Your Kids)

You may have a long list of what to bring for a long vacation with family at the beach.

Knowing that you also saved a lot from a promo vacation package that you avail online like what OnTheBeach.co.uk offers, you believe that you will have a perfect getaway!


But you’re still thinking of possible activities to keep you and your kids active and enjoying the beach vacation aside from swimming. Below are some suggestions:

1. Fun in the sand

– Building a castle or snowman. Or, what about castle battle?

– Sand drilling contest. Within five minutes, the kid who drilled the deepest wins.

– Sand sculptures

2. Beach volleyball or Frisbee.

3. Treasure hunt

4. Fill a bucket relay

5. Jewelry making – shells are good accessories too.

6. Kite flying

7. Foot race – race at the water’s edge.

8.  Picnic

9. Rent a Jetski or Banana boat

10. Scuba Diving

And there are more! If you’re on a tight budget, you may do the first 8 activities. Enjoy!

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One thought on “10 Fun Things To Do At The Beach (With Your Kids)

  1. These are some great tips. My family and I love going to the beaches during the summer and our favorite thing to do is make a castle with a river around it.

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